New Waterford budget carryover nearly same as 2012 balance

NEW WATERFORD – The village should finish the year with just about the same carryover it had from 2012, Fiscal Officer Dave Slagle said Thursday.

“It won’t be the carryover we had,” Slagle said, “I don’t know, I’m thinking it’s going to be a less right now.”

Last year the village ended with a carryover of $361,611 and as it stood Thursday it was looking like there will be carryover of $357,865, he said, adding there is money coming in yet to be posted and some bills still going out.

“It will be close to last year,” he said, adding it might be down a little.

Slagle said the one of the bigger projects the village is looking at in 2014 is the property it bought at 46765 N. State St. Plans are to convert the two-story duplex apartment to a historical house where valuable documents and village collectables can be displayed in a secure manner.

The village bought the property last December and during planning discussions officials have repeatedly voiced concern about a gas meter in an open area behind the structure.

It stands a few feet away from an unnamed alley.

Officials noticed it “sticking out there” after buying the property, Slagle said noting village officials are worried about a vehicle hitting it.

Slagle was unsure if it’s in the alley right-of-way. “I’d imagine they would have it off the right-of-way, but it’s awful close,” he said adding the mayor and village administrator have made “several” calls to Columbia Gas to get it moved. “It’s a hazard,” Slagle said. The village has received no response.

One other big project on the village’s 2014 agenda is making a start on sewer line replacement and repairs.

A company has been checking main lines from the sewage plant for the past four days, Slagle said noting that roots and crud, three-inches thick in places, has been detected.

Heavy rain has forced flooding at the plant and spots have been found where pipes have cracked, he said.

“We’re trying to get the main ones done,” he said and noted the company checking the lines costs $2,400 a day.

The village will receive a report in its findings early next year.