NW wants state to help collect EMS bills

NEW WATERFORD – Village council wants the Ohio attorney general to help it collect past due Emergency Medical Service bills from ambulance runs.

Council unanimously passed a resolution on Tuesday requesting the OAG to begin collecting delinquent bills.

The bills will include a charge from the attorney general of $75, Fiscal Officer Dave Slagle said.

“We talked about the attorney general doing our collections for us,” Slagle said. Councilwoman Doris Ogle asked if there were many not being collected and Slagle said it amounted to about 30 percent.

Sagle spoke to another village that enlisted the attorney general after using a private collection agency that took its cut.

He said when the attorney general did it “collections went way up.”

Patrone said the state “does a good job of collecting.”

In other business, Patrone said sewer lines in two sections of the village will be inspected by camera and cleaned, possibly on Thursday.

As part of the administrator’s report, Patrone added that a company will inspect the large and small water towers for $1,800.

Patrone expects the village to zero in on water and sewer line issues after the first of the year. He said the village is still dealing with a few brown water issues.

An Ohio EPA inspection of the water plant in late November recommended more comprehensive bacteria sampling, passage of a backflow ordinance by council and posting the operators license at the plant.

Patrone said the inspection “went real well.”

Also, in other business, the village received approval of a $9,500 Ohio Department of Natural Resources Natureworks grant that will be used to build a gazebo. The check will be forthcoming, Ogle said.

There is also a $3,000 refund it will receive for electricity in the pavilion.

Also, Patrone said he didn’t expect to sign a new fire contract with Fairfield Township until the new year.

During its last meeting, Fairfield Township trustees wanted more time to review the contract and whether it should be a one year or a multi-year deal.

Council also voted to approve the appointment of three volunteer firefighters to the department, including James Franklin, Christopher Jones and Jeremy Travis.

Fire Chief Greg VanPelt said there is a one-year probation period for new members.

Council also appointed Councilmen Gary DeMarchis and Ken Biddle to the Volunteer Firefighter Dependency Board.

DeMarchis also addressed “deteriorating” attendance at church breakfasts suggesting that the problem is not getting the word out.

“Us being able to talk about this … gets the word out. It starts here,” he said.

That led into Patrone noting that council is considering placing an electronic sign on the corner property it owns in the center of the village.

“We’d like to to use the property to advertise events, especially non-profit events,” Patrone said, emphasizing it’s not for businesses.

“We don’t want to get into that sort of thing,” he said.

DeMarchis said he had a new “in the carton” sign and Councilman Tom Cresanto suggested he bring it to a council meeting.

Patrone said, “We want something there to advertise village, community, non-profit events” and council voted 6-0 to approve a sign.

Slagle suggested members look at the new sign Green Township trustees just installed about a week ago or the one at Greenford Christian Church.