In-home elderly care helping seniors remain self-sufficient

POLAND – There will be an open house for people to learn more about how Seniors Helping Seniors can serve the area.

The group will meet at the Das Dutch Village at 150 East State Route 14, Columbiana, from 5 to 8 p.m. on Jan. 14. A meeting will also be held at the Holiday Inn, 7410 South Avenue, Boardman, from 5 to 8 p.m. on Jan. 13. The Seniors Helping Seniors office is located at 8695 Four Seasons Trail in Poland.

The Mahoning and Columbiana counties Seniors Helping Seniors in-home services has the goal of helping older seniors stay self-sufficient, according to Preston and Jeanette Hess of Seniors Helping Seniors, who are a husband and wife team.

This non-medical home care organization provides companionship, transportation, meal preparation, overnight stays and home maintenance services all by seniors who get paid for their work.

The idea is to bring support and services of real value to the seniors, Preston Hess said, noting Seniors Helping Seniors was founded in 1998 and “the owners felt they could do more good with franchising.”

The open houses are aimed at getting to know more people and talk about how Seniors Helping Seniors services can best serve the areas. Hess remembers when he first had the idea of helping seniors in this way.

“I was at a routine doctor’s appointment and I saw an elderly man who was just dropped off at the office. He was confused. He needed assistance in getting around, getting seated, and filling out forms. “I thought to myself, that is help that should be easily available to all of our seniors. The next week I started doing exactly that work.”

Hess soon discovered Seniors Helping Seniors home care, an organization whose mission is to make life better for seniors and provide comfort to those who love them. Preston said light housekeeping, meal preparation and companionship are three cornerstones of the Seniors Helping Seniors.

Transportation is important too, he said, explaining taking people to and from kidney dialysis three times a week is a common service along with providing respite for the children of seniors who are taking care of them.

“If we can keep them at home for as long as possible it’s that much better for the kids,” he said.

Seniors Helping Seniors will also go to nursing homes and sit with clients. The process begins with an in-home assessment.

“We want to make sure we’re the right company to handle it,” Hess said. “We’re not medical.”

There can be interpretative issues, he said. “Like what is light housekeeping?” So the need assessment is important to see if we’re the right company for them, Hess said.

Seniors Helping Seniors has grown to about 150 franchises. Hess said they currently have five providers and 15 in the training process.

“We offer services to families in our community that can really make an impact in their lives,” shared Jeanette. “We help seniors support each other, maintain their independence, and enjoy their lives.”

People near Youngstown, Poland, Boardman, Canfield, Salem, Columbiana, Lisbon, or East Liverpool can access Seniors Helping Seniors at 330-729-5599 or e-mail