Washingtonville officials pleased with new signal, intersection

WASHINGTONVILLE – The $901,744 project to align Washingtonville Road with South County Road Street and widen state Route 14 and add a new traffic signal met with council’s approval during Monday’s meeting.

Council President Ramona Custer noted it was now on and Mayor Will Jones said it looked nice.

The Ohio Department of Transportation District 11 placed in a stop and go pattern on Jan. 13 for 10 days to ensure motorist are aware of the new lights, allow them time to adjust to them and make sure they are functioning properly.

Councilman Jim Smith passed along the only criticism noting a fence blocks the view for motorists turning right from South County onto Route 14.

But Jones said, “I’ve been there in my car and didn’t see a problem. I know the school buses (drivers) like it and Councilwoman Becky Vignon, a street committee member, said, “I like it too, you don’t have to wait for 50 cars to go past before pulling out.”

Improvements to the intersection began in July 2013.

In other business, Chris J. Schiavone was introduced as the village’s new solicitor replacing Michelle Simonelli who was hired as the Beloit village solicitor on Jan. 13.

Schiavone is in practice with the Friedman & Rummel Co. LPA, in Canfield and took over the position effective Jan. 1. He will be paid $602 a month.

In other business, council approved appointments to its six committees as Smith was named chairman of the Finance Committee; Councilman Allen Vignon will chair the Streets Committee; Councilwoman Becky Vignon was named chair of the Water and Sewer Committee; Councilwoman Devon Davis will chair the Safety Committee; Custer will chair the Insurance Committee; and Councilman Herman Frank will chair the Land and Buildings Committee.

Also, council approved the annual 2013 and fourth quarter fire reports from the Leetonia Fire Department.

There were 18 calls to Washingtonville, 13 of them medical transports, one for a motor vehicle accident, one for a leaf fire, one for a first response and two were medical transport refusals.

In the police report, Sgt. Bill Beaver said all the equipment is functioning and the department expected to submit its annual report to council next month.

He requested council purchase two law reference books and Jones said he would speak with New Waterford Mayor Shane Patrone about sharing the cost of the books as they have done the past three years.

“We’ve been splitting the cost with them,” Jones said while adding the police have been doing “a really good job.”

Street Supervisor Ed Garrett said the cable on the department’s garage door broke and Jones said, “We have to have that door down … it kind of makes it hard getting things in and out.”

Garrett said it was supposed to have been looked at on Monday.

He said they had plenty of road salt and Jones said the department has been doing a “good job keeping the streets clean.”

Councilman Herman Frank asked about catch basin cleaning and Garrett said the been trying to keep them cleaned and Allen Vignon asked about a resident who had complained about “wipes” causing a backup into his basement.

Garrett said they worked on it.

Also, in other business, Jones said he spoke to Erin R. Begue, the funding administrator for W.E. Quicksall and Assocs. regarding the village’s park grant application, noting the paperwork needed maps.