County Health Dept. changes mammogram service provider for now

LISBON -For at least the near future, mammogram services will be provided by a new provider at the Columbiana County Health Department.

The board voted to change the mammogram contract from Medical Imaging Diagnostic of Boardman to Tiffany Breastcare Center of Boardman.

County health nurse Barbara Knee explained the change had nothing to do with the service of Medical Imaging Diagnostic, a company about whose medical team she had only good things to say. She also added the company has not increased the costs more than $5 since 1991.

According to Knee, the change was made necessary due to damage to Medical Imaging Diagnostic’s facilities and equipment because of broken pipes this winter.

Knee explained the county health department has been unable to provide the service since the first of the year. Usually, Medical Imaging Diagnostic brings its equipment to the Suzy Room at the health department to provide the service often.

County Health Commissioner Wesley Vins added Medical Imaging Diagnostic is in the process of completely renovating its Boardman facilities due to the damage.

Board member Dr. Jack Amato questioned if there was a clause in the new contract allowing them to go back with Medical Imaging Diagnostic. Vins noted the contract with Tiffany Breastcare Center is a one-year contract, but can be canceled with a 30-day written notice.

In a related matter, those uninsured people seeking services through the cancer detection clinics at the health department will find new guidelines for determining if they qualify for free services. Those now at 200 percent of poverty level will qualify for services. According to federal poverty guidelines, a family of four making less than $47,700 is at 200 percent.

The board voted in favor of issuing three board orders due to health department violations:

*Robert Beall, Cranberry Township, Pa., charged with failing to obtain the proper plumbing registration and permit before installing plumbing at a location on Wells Hollow Road, Wellsville.

*Brian Smith, Quaker Church Road, East Rochester, for allegedly failing to make needed repairs to a household septic system, despite requests for compliance over the past six months.

*Michael Scott Strong, Butler Grange Road, Salem, for reportedly failing to have garbage removed for a rental property on Main Street, Kensington.

The board also approved travel for local public health emergency preparedness coordinator Robert Zehentbauer to go to Charleston, W.Va., to assist in drinking water planning and safety, which is linked to the chemical spill in that area which caused a large population to lose its water supply.

The board approved a contract with the state auditor’s office not to exceed $13,448. The auditors were in the office recently, checking the department’s records for fiscal years 2012 and 2013. Fiscal Officer Cis Donahey said the results are expected in about six weeks.