Crestview has problems with boilers

LISBON – Although the boilers are not very old, Crestview schools have found themselves with a $25,000 repair bill for one and another is currently down.

At Monday’s meeting, board members discussed the issues with the boilers. When the new performing arts center was built, there were concerns about the old cast iron boilers – put into the building when it was built nearly 50 years earlier – being able to keep up with heating the additional space.

Instead, during the project, which was completed in April 2012, the district installed new high-efficiency boilers with aluminum tubes.

Now during such a harsh winter, a problem has recently developed with them. Several contractors were involved in the selection and installation of the new boilers and the school officials are working with all the parties involved to determine the issues and how to resolve them.

By comparison, the school district got many more years out of an oven, which was also replaced recently from the kitchen. It was installed when the kitchen was built in 1963, although most recently a bungee cord had to be used to keep the oven door closed. With repair parts now impossible to find, the district just replaced it. Dr. Herman Miller pointed out he hopes they can get 51 years out of the next oven.

In other matters:

* The board discussed possibilities about adding days to the end of the school year or possibly having school on April 21, which is currently the last day of the spring break. However, it was decided to wait and see what decisions state legislators make about the possible addition of four more calamity days this year. Crestview has currently used nine days, which is four above the normal allotment.

The board also discussed the blizzard bags, which some teachers have been handing out to help offset some of the days students have missed. Although some have not understood, the assignments from blizzard bags are typically due two weeks after they are handed out.

Superintendent John Dilling pointed out many of the teachers would rather see students doing work now on topics which will be on state tests in a few months instead of waiting until after the tests have happened to make up the days with students.

The board passed a resolution also giving teachers the opportunity in the future to provide online learning options to help cover excessive school days off because of inclement weather.

* The board announced the intentions of elementary teacher Barbara Wagner to retire and then rehire at her current position. A public hearing will be held on June 11 prior to the board meeting that evening for comments.