District hopes to move 5th grade back to South Side

Columbiana School District Superintendent Don Mook hopes to have fifth grade moved back to the South Side Middle School building this fall for the new school year, and he is optimistic that can be done.

Fifth graders are currently attending classes at Joshua Dixon Elementary on the other side of town while a portion of the middle school building is closed.

Last year the Board of Education approved closing the 1962 edition of the building while the district worked to patch the aging leaky roof over the more than 50-year-old structure on Columbiana Waterford Road.

On Tuesday Mook presented the board with options for having the roof replaced using manufacturers on a state bidding system. Under the state system bids are locked in and based on square footage, and the district must adhere to prevailing wage laws.

The district was originally hoping to replace the flat roof with a pitched roof using tax revenue generated from a 29-year bond issue, but the bond has been rejected by voters three times since 2012.

The bond would have generated $4 million in revenue over the 29 years and paid for the roughly $1.5 million cost of a new pitched roof and other renovations, like upgrades to the antiquated heating and ventilation system and handicap accessibility.

With its failure at the Nov. 5 general election last year the board in late January agreed to begin gathering estimates for fixing the roof using general fund money.

Since the closure of the older section of the building the roof has already been patched in some areas by Boak and Sons Inc. The Youngstown company has an annual maintenance contract with the district.

Manufacturers suggested by Mook and the district’s maintenance supervisor, Jim Marino, on Tuesday were Garland, West Roofing, Tremco and Duralast. All four offer warranties up to at least 20 years.

Should the board agree to move forward with the state bid system, the district will contract with one of the manufacturers, which will then hire contractors for the work.

Garland, Tremco and Duralast will tear off the current roof and replace it, while West Roofing would build over the existing roof after any wet spots are addressed.

Marino said it should take about two-and-a-half months to replace the 45,000-square-foot roof and work can begin “as soon as the weather breaks.”

He is suggesting a rubber roof, which Duralast offers.

Mook said Duralast is the manufacturer the Salem School District turned to when it began having problems with its foam roof installed eight years ago.

“Part of the problem with a foam roof is if you get birds and whatnot they find out foam makes really good stuff for nesting. There is a significant amount of fees associated with year to year work to maintain a warranty,” he said.

He also said estimates from the four manufacturers range from $300,000 to $750,000.

Treasurer Lori Posey said the district has a better chance of housing students in the middle school building next year by using the state bidding system.

“You’re probably at least cutting four months off of the process,” she said.

The board briefly discussed whether the work would be done before summer or during, and Marino said he and his crew would need at least five weeks to get the building ready for the new school year with regards to cleaning and regular preparations.

No action was taken.

The board then approved:

– Paternal leave for Meghan Houck, second grade teacher, effective April 18 through the end of the school year.

– The retirement resignations of Raedine Hulea, seventh and eighth grade math teacher, effective June 1, and Nancy Bacon, central office secretary and EMIS coordinator, effective July 1.

– The resignation of Alix Veitz, high school cheerleader adviser, effective Jan. 14, for personal reasons.

– Bryan Weingart and Beth Henderson-Birch as substitute teachers, and Jim Bettura, LuAnn Harsha, Heidi Troyer and Raedine Hulea as substitute support staff.

– Lawrence Stacey II and Brian Dickens as assistant baseball coaches, Michael Strohecker as assistant boys track coach, Crystal Siembida-Boggs as assistant girls track coach, Michael Ross as assistant softball coach, David Gigee as assistant jayvee softball coach, and Zach Hertel as middle school boys track coach.

– A service agreement with the Mahoning Valley Regional Council of Government for personnel and purchase services as needed.