Green trustees hold off on fire station engineering study

GREENFORD – After hearing a presentation on the engineering services for a proposed addition to the fire station on Tuesday, Green Township trustees wanted more time to study the issue.

A meeting was set for 7 p.m. Feb. 27 in the community building to continue discussing the addition which will cost about $100,000.

Eric Hammer, president of the fire department, said the architect recommended an electrical survey coming into the property and an upgrade which will be included in document produced from it.

“His recommendation will be in the blueprints,” Hammer said which will be subject to bid. The electrical survey price was set at $600 while the surveying itself will cost $1,200 and the drawings were placed at $2,000.

“The plan is to have a full set of bid documents if this is approved,” he said.

Trustee Mark Stepuk said, “I’d like a little more time to consider this information since we just got it today.

In other fire department business, Chief Todd Baird asked for and received approval to extended the residential requirement for firefighters and EMTs from one mile to three miles.

“It may help us pick up a few people at this time,” he said, “so, if we could change it.”

Trustee OK’d it with a unanimous 3-0 vote.

Baird also provided additional pay information regarding paying department personnel for calls as he outlined at the last meeting.

The information was regarding other departments.

“A lot of places also compensate officers for the additional time they put in,” Baird said.

Trustee George Toy asked if it was per hour or per call and Baird said, “I prefer per call … it’s easier to track.”

“I wouldn’t mind $10 per call,” Toy said and Trustee Mark Stepuk wanted more of a cost estimate.

“Do we have a dollar figure?” he asked.

Baird said he would still have to compensate everyone and then pay additional for hospital transports.

“I can’t break it down between firefighters and EMTs,” he said, adding the cost would approximately $19,000 a year.

Trustee Chairman Dave Slagle asked, “Can we afford $19,000?”

Fiscal Officer Randy Chismar said, “I would feel very uncomfortable until were get the fire station improvements … (and) where the money is coming from. I would say no.”

No action was taken.

Also, Hammer presented trustees with a letter recommending the dismissal of department member for missing three consecutive meetings.

He said a letter had been sent to the person and trustees approved the dismissal unanimously.

In other business, Zoning Officer Bill Pitts said he issued a zoning permit on the Serenity House where the owner wants to turn it into a winery and pursuing an A-2 liquor permit from the Department of Liquor Control.

Green Township is one of four “dry” townships out of Ohio’s 1,308 townships, Pitts said, adding, “I told him Green Township is dry.”

Pitts explained this attorney contends that local options don’t apply.

“He intends to sell alcohol … a winery … and sell by the glass and bottle.”

Pitts added, “If you have an objection, the trustees can file it, an individual can’t.” Pitts said he called liquor control but hasn’t received a reply.

Basically, Pitts said, the board of elections told him he missed the ballot deadline by three days, but the attorney says he doesn’t need to put it on the ballot.

“My question to liquor control is, will it issue an A-2 permit?” he said.

Pitts explained there was another issue regarding the amount of grapes being “imported” to make the wine.

Trustees voted to send letters to the Department of Commerce, which liquor control falls under, and to the Mahoning County prosecutor’s office objecting to the permit.