Johnson files for re-election

MARIETTA – Republican Congressman Bill Johnson, filing re-election petitions Friday, filed nearly 150 signatures from across eastern and southeastern Ohio.

Signatures were gathered from each of the 18 counties in the 6th Congressional District, according to a press release.

In filing, Johnson said that he’s focused on showing leadership in Washington on vitally important issues.

“While President Obama and his allies like Harry Reid have effectively broken the legislative process, I will continue to work on important issues like jobs, reigning in government spending, making America energy independent, and replacing Obamacare,” Johnson said.

“I’m committed to working with those willing to seek common sense solutions as we work to bring our nation back from the brink.”

Johnson said he remains optimistic about the future.

“Washington beltway politics can discourage some, but I remain optimistic about the future,” Johnson said. “That’s why I haven’t given up and it’s why I’ll continue to vigorously represent the hard-working families of Eastern and Southeastern Ohio.”

Johnson is a leading voice in Congress on energy issues like the Keystone XL pipeline, natural gas exploration, and maximizing coal production.

“I believe I share the people’s values, and that starts with using our energy resources to end our dependence on foreign oil,” Johnson said. “It also includes being pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-traditional marriage.”

In stark contrast to Johnson’s extensive outreach on important issues, campaign advisor Matt Dole today questioned Johnson’s opponent on her stances.

“Jennifer Garrison has been in this race for months, and yet her website doesn’t even have an issues page and she refuses to take a stand on important issues like Obamacare and the budget deal recently passed by Congress,” Dole said. “The people of Eastern and Southeastern Ohio deserve to know where their candidates stand, and we call on Jennifer Garrison to share her stances on important issues.”

The 6th district encompasses all or parts of 18 counties along the Ohio River from Mahoning to Scioto County and reaches west into Muskingum County.

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