Perry sick day manual updated

PERRY TWP. – Trustees updated a section of the personnel policy manual Monday to reflect a change made several years ago regarding a payment for accumulated sick days when an employee retires or resigns.

The policy had changed from no payment for sick days to a payment of 25 percent of the accumulated sick days in the fall of 2008, but the manual had not been changed to reflect the new policy. The trustees approved a resolution to fix the personnel policy manual.

Fiscal Officer Susan Johnston explained that township employees earn one sick day per month for a total of 12 per year and can accumulate up to 110 sick days. If an employee leaves, they’re paid for 25 percent of the accumulated sick days.

In other business, Trustee Chairman Cliff Mix reported that Columbiana County received additional money for home demolitions. He asked that any township residents who have homes that need torn down call the township for placement on a list in case any of that money is freed up for the township.

The township received approval for the demolition of three delapidated homes in the township as part of last year’s contract, but the homes have yet to be demolished. Any township residents interested can call and leave a message at the township administration building at 330-337-7836.

Trustee Don Kendrick noted no zoning permits for the month of February. He also offered thanks to the township road crew and fire and police departments for doing a good job in all the cold weather, which was echoed by his fellow trustees Mix and Don Rudibaugh.

The next township meeting will be 6:30 p.m. March 10.