Salem issues parking ban

SALEM – The city of Salem is activating the snow emergency parking ban beginning at 9 p.m. today and ending at 9 p.m. Wednesday, in anticipation of a heavy snowfall forecast for the area.

City Service/Safety Director Ken Kenst issued the parking ban notice, which means the city can tow cars parked on city streets if they impede the progress of snow clearing operations. The ban is usually put in effect if there is an accumulation of 4 or more inches of snow during a 24-hour period.

With heavy snow expected, Kenst said he decided to give residents notice ahead of time so they can make arrangements before the weather turns bad. Residents who normally park in the street need to find an alternative place to park, such as a municipal parking lot or other parking area.

Kenst said the street department appreciates the cooperation residents have shown so far this winter. He said the city has received more salt, but the department will continue conserving and use the salt on hills, curves, intersections and trouble spots where needed.