Salem Regional Medical Center’s new parking deck opens Tuesday

Salem Regional Medical Center’s campus will offer more than 1,000 parking spaces when the new parking deck opens on Tuesday.

The enclosed parking deck houses 116 parking spaces, and provides two, separate levels of free parking for patients and visitors.

Parking Deck – There are two, separate entrances to be used when accessing the parking deck: the lower level is accessible from Pershing Street, and has 58 regular and four handicapped spaces; while the upper level, which is accessible from East State Street, offers 48 regular and six handicapped spaces. It should be noted that in order to accommodate traffic flow and maximize the number of available spaces in the deck, the two levels of the deck are not connected.

Patients arriving for surgery and outpatient procedures are encouraged to enter the Salem Regional Medical Center campus from Pershing Street and be dropped off at the Surgery Center entrance, with parking available in the deck or the outdoor outpatient lot.

Additional Parking – Additional facility parking is located near the Emergency Department entrance, and also across the street in the large lots by the Salem Medical Arts building and the Salem Medical Center.

People parking in these lots can access the new patient tower through the ground floor entrance of the Salem Medical Center and use the elevated walkway to cross East State Street. The elevated walkway connects to a glass elevator that offers access to Salem Regional Medical Center’s main lobby. -?Submitted material