Salem trustees approve Miller Road agreement

FRANKLIN SQUARE – Trustees approved the annual agreement with Center Township to maintain a portion of Miller Road during Tuesday’s morning meeting.

The agreement calls for Salem Township to maintain the north portion of the road where the townships meet.

In other business, Trustee Ray Heddleson said the township was awarded $5,365 from the Ohio Department of Transportation to place various road and street-name signs throughout the township.

Trustees attended a meeting with state Rep. Nick Barborak (D-5) and state Sen. Jose Schiavoni (D-33) on House Bill 375 regarding the severance tax for the oil and gas industry and Trustee Chairman Bill Heston will attend the county health district meeting in March.

After the meeting, Constable Dan Valentine asked that residents who plow driveway snow across township roads also clean up the debris at the end of the drives.

He said the residual snow causes, in effect, hardened speed bumps once the snow freezes into ice.

He said Butcher and Conkle roads had a number of places where this occurred and asked that people not do it while noting it is illegal.

“I’ve had several calls from drivers who lost control,” Valentine said, adding that he passed the information on to the road department.

He asked that people clean up the “ends” of their driveways and get it off the road, explaining that if the plows don’t make a clearing pass on the road soon afterward it can create a problem.

He also noted the township is also beginning to have issues with motorists having difficulty seeing at intersections with snow piling high.

He said there are fewer places to put it, and people need to exercise extra caution.