Sports mom finds way to photography as business

LISBON – The name “Reflections of Time Photography” was inspired by an image captured by Tina Cutright of a fellow photographer in front of the county courthouse. The tower and clock were reflected in the lens of the friend’s camera.

“That’s where I came up with the name,” she said.

Starting out with a love for photography, Cutright evolved from taking photos of her boys to building Reflections of Time Photography into a business. “Having two kids play sports all the time was pretty much it,” she said.

She called herself a soccer mom even though they didn’t play soccer but other sports.

“For the most part, I really enjoyed taking photos,” Cutright said, noting that other kids would be in the shots and their parents took notice. “And people started asking,” she said and one thing led to another. I thought this was what I wanted.”

So she bought “a good camera in 2008” and created a Facebook page and a webpage to share her photos. A friend asked to take homecoming shots of their daughter in 2009.

“That was my first paying customer and they paid me $50 and one thing led to another,” Cutright said.

Now it’s more and more business and on March 29-30 and April 5-6 Cutright is photographing mini-sessions with “Duke” the lop-earred Easter Bunny for the holiday. Appointments can be arranged by calling 330-831-2262.

Her feelings about photography are clear. For example, when traveling with her husband, Jack is behind the wheel. She rides along camera ready.

She’s self-taught and picks up whatever she can learn from other photographers. One lesson is you can spend a ton of time reviewing and editing shots. Through experience and planning she’s reduces editing time but still, as a professional, “I do a lot of enhancement,” she said. “I’ve learned … though you can take a perfect porcelain photo, you can do many other things. My thing is I like to be able to count the eyelashes. A lot of times I like to shoot with a small aperture.”

In August, a new Amish pole-building photo studio was built. It is equipped with more than 50 different sets and easily capable of handling groups of 12 or more. She has a number of vintage cameras, photography-related props and decorations that set the studio off – like a large bureau painted up as a piece of Eastman Kodak office furniture.

“For the most part it serves my purposes,” Cutright said about the studio. But she’s always on the lookout to add an eye-catching something or other. “I have a Coca Cola crate and use my own stuff for props. My favorite shopping is done at flea markets for antiques. Anything is a prop,” she said.

Cutright offers on-location and studio portraits. “I do pets. Some customers will spend more on them than for their kids,” she said. She uses a professional photo lab for all of her work. “I like to offer people a finished product and I like them to have quality photos – a finished product,” she said.

According to Cutright, “Reflections of Time Photography” offers “an endless list of keepsake items. If you want your photo on an item, I can do it. She displayed a 14-shot accordion wallet that is a big seller. “Grandparents like them,” she said, noting the photocards, photo invitations, photo cubes, boutique cards with eight different shapes and 10- by 20-inch metal art boards are in demand.

Studio fees for a family or children are $30 and for newborns in the hospital it’s $20.

“Just because newborns are so special and are usually friends,” she explained.

High school portraits and engagements are $75. “That’s pretty much it,” Cutright said. “I don’t charge extra if somebody wants to include a pet.”

Her camera work is created through lenses on a Nikon D-700 with a D-90 for backup. Cutright does shoot sporting events, along with seniors, family, weddings, children and more. She and her husband have two adult sons, Dakota and Dustin, and have lived in Ohio since 1997. She is an Alabama native and her husband is from West Virginia.

Cutright can be reached at 330-831-2262, e-mailed at and her website is: and and the business is on Facebook at