Teen blames Bigfoot in Fairfield Twp. crash

FAIRFIELD TWP. -A 17-year-old Columbiana teen claimed he saw Bigfoot while driving on Bunker Hill Road last week.

According to the highway patrol report, Robert James Mehlen Sevenich of Metz Road was southbound on Bunker Hill Road at 2:55 a.m. Jan. 28 when he went off the south side of the road and into a rock.

The report stated that Sevenich told a trooper he went off the road to avoid a “creature” he described as at least seven feet tall with green glowing eyes, hairy and very well-built.

When asked by the trooper if what he saw was human, Sevenich replied, “No” and said he believed it to be Bigfoot.

Sevenich was cited for failure to control and the trooper searched the area for any evidence of what Sevenich described, but none was found, including any footprints of that nature.

Sevenich did not appear to be under the influence of any illicit drugs, the report said.