Township, village officials still working on fire contracts

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP – During Thursday’s trustee meeting, Chairman Bob Hum said the fire protection contract with the New Waterford Volunteer Fire Department was still being processed.

Hum said he left messages with New Waterford Mayor Shane Patrone and with the Leetonia Fire Department, which also provides protection for the township.

“We haven’t gotten anything back,” Hum said, “they’re in the process with Leetonia of getting us everything.”

The New Waterford village council meets at 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

In other business, Fiscal Officer Pat Hoffmaster said the township received its road mileage certification from the Columbiana County engineer’s office placing it at 48.215 miles for 2013, down .045 of a mile from 48.260 in 2012.

She said a decrease on Metz Road accounted for that.

In other business, Road Supervisor Mel Miller said the township has between 50 to 75 tons of rock salt on hand for future snow storms.

He said the soonest delivery date for additional salt is Feb. 28.

In his report, Miller said the department spent most of its time plowing the roads, noting that in the last 37 days his department, which is breaking in a new employee, had four “complete” days off since the first of the year.

“The new man is working out well,” Miller said, adding that the monthly road sign inspection and bill for a blown hydraulic line on the snow plow on the 2006 truck arrived.

Later in the meeting, Trustee Barry Miner asked Miller if the road salt contracts had exceeded the maximum.

Miller said they had not.

Many communities purchase road salt each year through an Ohio Department of Transportation co-op that bids out the total tonnage in an effort to obtain the lowest price.

Communities can also form and purchase salt through their own groups.

Through ODOT, communities submit requests and must purchase 80 percent of the request whether they use it or not. They can also purchase up to 120 percent of the request. Salt has been selling for about $29 per ton.

Morton and Cargill are two of the four companies the state purchases from.

With Miller’s assurance, Miner said, “The roads in this township are looking phenomenal … pass that on to the guys.”

Miner also presented a right-of-way map regarding a section of state Route 344 as an informational item for trustees.

“There are a few encroachment issues out there,” he said.

Trustees will meet in regular session at 7 p.m. Feb. 20 in the government building at 3062 Fairfield School Road.