Work on Holiday Inn Express to begin soon

Developer Rod Herron said ground could be broken “in another month” for the proposed Holiday Inn Express on the east side.

Announced in May of 2012, the hotel acquired a restaurant and banquet hall facility along the way with about a $5.2 million price tag.

The site is on Cunningham Road in Mahoning County and the stand-alone restaurant, called “Indulge” is a joint venture by Herron and an Akron restaurant owner.

The banquet hall will be above the restaurant and seat “at least” 300. Each will have 5,000 square feet of room.

Herron said that final permit paperwork is moving forward and sub-contractors are being lined up.

“Everything is moving OK,” he said Friday, noting that Columbia Gas was on the site Thursday for a hook-up inspection, Geotech took soil compaction samples for the state and engineering details on a redesigned underground retention pond are nearly complete.

The restaurant will have a liquor license.

“When it starts, we’re going to fast-track it,” Herron said, “get in and get it done.”

Upwards of 30 jobs are expected, Herron said.

He said construction on the projects would be concurrent with the equipment on site.

Located in a “wet” D-5 or D-6 liquor license precinct, the restaurant will have a “pretty good-sized bar in it,” Herron said.

The Holiday Inn Express will have a swimming pool, fitness center and jacuzzis and Herron expects to employ local vendors and contractors.