Crestview to add water bottle filling stations

COLUMBIANA – Students at Crestview will soon be able to refill their water bottles from special bottle filling stations.

Student liaison Preston Straney approached the board last week about purchasing the bottle filling stations from their board service fund for $1,500.

Straney said the stations will be added to one water fountain at the high school, one at the middle school and one at the elementary school. The station mounts to the top of the water fountain and allows students and staff members to refill their own water bottles with just a press of a button.

The filling stations reduce the number of water bottles being added to landfills. Additionally, using the station is reportedly more sanitary than using the fountain.

Board members voted unanimously to support the project.

In other matters:

– Michelle Fitzgerald, a mother of a Crestview softball player, asked board members if there are any plans to improve the softball facilities for the high school.

While the board has looked at making improvements to the field and a drainage project has been completed, board members explained more money is needed to do the project right. A donation was received last year, but it was not enough to cover it all. The field needs fencing along a foul line and the dugouts need work.

Board President John Garwood called the project one the board sees as a “high priority” and Dr. Edward Miller said he looked at some of the needs for the field last year. One thing was the drainage project, which was completed, but it could cost about $23,000 to do all that is needed at the field and do it right. With additional money and volunteers, Garwood said he would be there himself to help.

– As an addition to Crestview’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life mini-relay activities, a student, Samuel Weikart, approached the board about hosting a car cruise in April or May.

Weikart said members of the senior class would like to organize the event, which would have classes for types of cars, trucks and even semis. Additionally, there would be awards for best of show and people’s choice. The event would be on a Sunday, although the date has not yet been chosen.

The funds which would come in from the show would go to the American Cancer Society.

– Maintenance supervisor Jay Radman reported about the issues with the school’s boiler system. It would appear some of the problem is due to the amount of iron particulates in the school’s water. Filters have been installed in one boiler, which is removing the iron. Radman said a second boiler is being checked to see if the issue will be covered by the warranty. The new boilers were installed only a couple years ago, with the hopes of saving money due to the energy efficiency. However, Radman said at this point they will not save money if there continues to be problems.

“I feel very uncomfortable at this stage,” Radman said. “I’ve never had problems with boilers like this before.”