Holiday Inn digs in on east end

SALEM – Ground is being moved for the Holiday Inn Express proposed by local developer Rodney Herron and a group of Pittsburgh investors.

The hotel will be situated just east of Cunningham Road north of East State St. on 1.3 acres in Mahoning County that will have access from the Terry Town Plaza parking lot almost up to the access road into Home Depot to the north.

Herron said Sunday the footer will be put in immediately once the land is leveled out. “We’ll start with the foundation in the middle of the week. On Tuesday fill dirt and a retaining wall on the corner drive coming off Cunningham Road will be put in.”

Announced in May 2012, the hotel acquired a restaurant and banquet hall facility along the way with about a $5.2 million price tag. The 70-room hotel will also be accessible from Cunningham Road. The restaurant and banquet hall are planned to be built alongside the Holiday Inn Express.

“They’re a couple months away,” Herron said about the restaurant and banquet facility.

The stand-alone restaurant is a joint venture by Herron and an Akron restaurant partnership called Indulge. The banquet hall will be above the restaurant and seat at least 300. Each will have 5,000 square feet of room. Upwards of 30 jobs are expected, Herron said.

Located in a “wet” D-5 or D-6 liquor license precinct, the restaurant will have a “pretty good-sized bar in it,” Herron said.

The Holiday Inn Express will have a swimming pool, fitness center and jacuzzis and Herron expects to employ local vendors and contractors. The Holiday Inn is closer to State Street and will have a Cunningham Road address and entrance way.

There is also an east-west right-of-way behind the Advance Auto Parts store, according to Herron.