Municipal Court now has WiFi

LISBON – Free WiFi service has come to the Columbiana County Municipal Court building.

Shane Patrone, chief deputy county clerk of courts, said it cost about $2,000 to install five wireless access points in the building, which they believe will prove a convenience for employees and the public.

“It will really help out our staff and the attorneys when they are in the courtooms,” he said. WiFi can be used by employees and attorneys to check schedules, perform records searches and look up case law or other information when needed just by using their personal smart device.

Patrone said WiFi access points were installed in not only the courtroom and clerk’s offices, but in the building foyer and the county vehicle title office, which is also located in the building.

Free WiFi service is already available on the second and third floors of the county courthouse, which is where the courts and clerk’s offices are located in that building.

“This is just an extension of that,” he said, adding that his boss, Clerk of Courts Anthony Dattilio, is committed to expanding services when possible.

“We’re trying to stay ahead of the technology as much as we can, and the next step is to get WiFi to as many other county buildings as possible,” Patrone said.