State Rep candidate’s residency a non-issue

LISBON – Tim Ginter, the Republican candidate for state representative, said he is still living at his South Lincoln Avenue residence in Salem but will soon be moving to another house around the corner.

“We have indeed sold our house, but we are remaining in Salem. In fact, we’re only moving a block and a half away,” he said.

Ginter was contacted after the issue of his residency was raised at last week’s board of elections meeting. Board member Larry Bowersock briefly questioned Ginter’s residency after recently seeing that he and his wife sold their home.

The home sold quicker than they anticipated, so much so that Ginter said he and his wife had yet to find another home to purchase. After looking in Salem and Columbiana but unable to find anything to their liking for the price, they decided to lease the home around the corner for a year while they continue to search.

“I’m still in the house but I have a couple of weeks before we have to move out,” he said.

The three-story home on South Lincoln had gotten to be a bit much for the 58-year-old Ginter and his wife, which is why they are looking for something smaller. “We’re both empty-nesters now,” he said.

Ginter is pastor at the Church of Center in Salem, and he said wherever they move it will be in the county. “We’re not looking anywhere else … and that was my intention before I decided to run,” he said.

Elections board director Adam Booth said Ginter can remain a candidate as long as he remains in the state representative district, which is the entire county.

“It doesn’t nullify your candidacy. You just have to be a (registered voter) in the district where you live,” Booth said.