Village seeks generator for warmth

NEW WATERFORD – The village is looking into making the community building a warming shelter after a number of residents asked what happens when power goes out during a cold spell.

Mayor Shane Patrone explained Tuesday that the big need is a generator and the Red Cross will provide cots and food.

“The problem is we need a generator,” he said, adding that the police department is in the building and that might help attract money, an issue that is being studied.

He said it would run on natural gas and would probably require a maintenance contract and routine tests.

“We’re going to look for money,” Patrone said, “if we don’t find any we may come back to council and ask for $9,000.”

In other business, council expects to buy a new police cruiser at its next meeting after Police Chief Dan Haueter provided pricing information.

Council decided on purchasing a 2014 Chevrolet Caprice through the state co-op purchasing program for $27,189.

A local dealer price came in at $22,950 for a 2012 model but Haueter said the 2014 Caprice had a new warranty and would be delivered in the fall.

He checked Dodge Chargers noting he didn’t have any experience with them. He said East Palestine did and “had a lot of problems.”

Councilwoman Doris Ogle asked about Salem and Columbiana and Councilman Tom Cresanto said he liked to keep the cruisers in uniform status by using the same make.

Patrone agreed and Haueter said he wanted to get the Caprice.

Councilman Gary DeMarchis said he favored the V-8 engine over six cylinders which can have aluminum cylinder heads.

“I think it’s a no-brainer … just get the new one …” he said.

Patrone said they will have legislation drawn up for the next meeting to make the purchase.

In other business, the village approved an emergency resolution to to participate in a bridge inspection program offered by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

A private contractor will be paid by a state grant to inspect bridges over a three-year period and any repairs indicated are done at the village’s expense.

The main street bridge is a county bridge and Patrone was hopeful that bridge would be acted on this year.

In other business, Administrator Fred Fink said the utility department has been dealing with the cold temperatures with most of the time “spent on snow removal and cleaning/servicing the equipment.”

Fink said they replaced frozen water lines at the Creek Road well house and installed insulation to prevent further freezing while installing three new insulated overhead doors at the garage.

“It seems to make a difference,” he said.

Also, windows were repaired at the garage and the inside was cleaned and painted. A ditch on Elm Street was cleaned and repaired while ice was removed from storm drains around the village.

Fink said there are a lot of potholes in town and they temporarily repaired the road under the underpass and started to work on ditching and storm drains on Tuesday.

Fiscal Officer Dave Slagle said that financially the village is “sitting OK” and advised council that he attended a public officials seminar on public grants and “learned a lot.”

Patrone, under old business, said the village has applied for a grant to have a house demolished on Front Street and the appraisal process is under way.

He said they should hear back within weeks.

Cresnato said the grand opening at the Dollar General store on Saturday “went very well” and the store is doing better than expected.