Barborak in the money for now

LISBON – State Rep. Nick Barborak enjoys a significant monetary lead over his opponent for now, but that is likely to change as the election season progresses.

Last Thursday was the deadline for candidates to file their pre-election campaign finance reports, and Barborak, D-Lisbon, currently has balance of $17,231 compared to zero for Republican challenger Tim Ginter.

Since neither has any opposition in the May 6 primary election, they will automatically advance to the Nov. 4 general election. By then, the Barborak and Ginter campaigns will have received and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, if the 2012 state representative race is any indication.

In that election, Barborak defeated incumbent Republican Craig Newbold in a close race, after the candidates spent a combined $801,502, a record for Columbiana County. Newbold spent $508,146 to Barborak’s $293,356.

If this is considered a competitive race, as some believe it will be, the state Democratic and Republican parties are likely to pour a lot of money into the respective campaigns.

Following is a list of some of the other campaign finance reports filed by last week’s deadline. Candidates who received and spent less than $1,000 are not required to file a report at this time.

County Commissioner

Incumbent Republican Mike Halleck reported a campaign balance $7,404 compared to $160 by Nathan Walker, one of the two Democratic candidates for commissioner. Daniel Bailey, the other Democratic candidate, did not file a report.

County Auditor

Incumbent Republican Nancy Milliken’s reported having no money in her campaign account. Her Democratic opponent, Brandon Kovach, did not file a report.

County Political Parties

The Democratic Party reported a balance of $9,223 after spending $10,800, compared to $42,842 for the Republican Party, which spent $32,133.