Crestview’s board passes drug testing program for students

LISBON – Without any comment, Crestview’s board of education last week passed a drug testing program for students.

The program, which affects students grades 7-12, had been discussed at previous meetings by the board. No parents or members of the community spoke at meetings about any concerns regarding the new policy.

Unlike some other area schools, Crestview’s policy involves not only athletes but those students involved in other extra-curricular activities and even those who wish to drive to school. Also, parents who may be concerned about their son or daughter using drugs can elect to opt-in adding their student’s name to the list of possible students to be tested.

The idea is to make certain students are not using illegal drugs or alcohol. The program will test for drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Some of the drugs it will test for include marijuana, methamphetamines, steroids, LSD and cocaine.

All students playing on a team will be tested utilizing a urine test within the first two weeks of the season. Those moving to the district during the season will be tested before joining the team. After that, all athletes are eligible for a possible random test with up to 20 percent of the students tested. The students will be selected from a pool with each students assigned a number.

Those testing positive for the first time or found altering their test by adding or diluting to the sample will be required to make an appointment with a certified chemical dependency counselor. The student will be required to follow the recommendations of the professional. They will also be denied participation for 20 percent of the season. The parent or guardian will meet with the athletic director, coach and building principal before reinstatement and may have to agree to submit to weekly or random testing for the rest of the season.

Those students testing positive for a first time offense who refuse to agree to counseling and the other penalties will be denied participating in activities for the remainder of the season and the year.

A second violation and students are denied participation for a calendar year. A third violation permanently denies the student participating in athletics.

Drivers testing positive will also be required to attend counseling and will be denied driving privileges for three months. Those refusing to follow through with counseling will lose driving privileges for the remainder of the year,.

Those with a second positive test will lose driving privileges for one calendar year and those with a third violation is permanently denied driving privileges. Violations are accumulative throughout high school.

A student believing they may be test positive can self refer themselves for counseling and additional testing. No additional punitive action will be taken if a self-referral is done before a first violation. Following the first violation, however, a self-referral will be treated with the next level of punitive action.