Lisbon tax chief retiring

LISBON – The village is looking for someone to run the income tax office due to the impending retirement of income tax administrator Richard Martin.

Martin, 66, recently announced his intention to retire as of May 30 after holding the council-appointed full-time job for the past 10 years.

“Basically, it’s because of changes in PERS and (health) insurance,” he said of his decision to retire now. He was referring to changes in the state pension and retirement health insurance programs (PERS) that will result in reduced benefits for government employees in Ohio who choose to delay retirement.

“If I waited, it would have hurt me,” Martin said.

As administrator, he is in charge of collecting the 1.5 percent income tax assessed by the village, which generates a little more than $1 million a year and is the largest source of general fund income.

There had been talk in recent years about the state legislature passing a law abolishing income tax collections at the local level and making it a function of state government, but Martin believes it is important to have a staffed office in Village Hall where residents and people who work within the village can come seeking answers to questions or help in filling out their tax form.

The notice seeking applicants for the job vacancy was posted Sunday. Applications will be taken until April 11.

Martin and his wife have two daughters, one of whom lives in Arizona. Although they have no immediate plans, he said they may travel a bit more.