Man charged in Leetonia shooting incident in custody

A Leetonia man wanted by village police for a shooting incident Wednesday is now awaiting extradition back to Ohio after being taken into custody in Pennsylvania Friday morning.

Douglas Illig Sr., 49, of 198 Walnut St., had been on the loose since Wednesday afternoon when he fled his property after firing one or two shots from a .22-caliber handgun at his son, who was attempting to leave in a van. One of the shots shattered the van’s side window.

Leetonia Police had issued a warrant for his arrest for felonious assault, a second-degree felony, and received a call from Ohioville Police to see if the warrant was still good.

Leetonia Police Chief John Soldano said Illig went to the home of a relative or somebody he knew in the Ohioville area and they knew he was wanted. The Ohioville Police were contacted at 7:45 a.m. Friday about Illig being wanted on a warrant out of Leetonia.

Soldano said Ohioville Police went to the residence on Tuscarawas Road and Illig was taken into custody without incident. He didn’t have any weapons. He’s in the Beaver County jail, in Beaver, Pa. awaiting extradition to Columbiana County, where he’ll face the felonious assault charge in county Municipal Court.

As far as he knows, Soldano said that’s the only charge he’ll be facing. The evening of the shooting, Illig had reportedly gone to a cemetery in Raccoon Township in Pennsylvania where relatives are buried and was spotted by a police officer. The officer tried to chase him, but he got away. Soldano said he spoke with the police chief there and no charges are pending for that incident.

Leetonia Police had been called to Illig’s residence shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday by Columbia Gas employees who had been there to shut off service and found locks had been placed on the gas meters. Soldano said Illig wasn’t cooperating with the responding officer and slammed the door on him, then became involved in a physical altercation with his 31-year-old son, who doesn’t live there.

According to Soldano, he bit the son on the hand and when the son attempted to leave in his van, he fired one or two shots. The only injuries reported were from Illig biting his son and one of the family’s dogs biting a responding officer. The police recovered the gun used in the shooting.

Two weeks before that incident, police were called to the home when Ohio Edison employees reported a problem when they were attempting to shut off service.

(Staff Writer Kevin Howell contributed to this report).