Middleton Twp. gets OK to purchase road material

NEGLEY – Middleton Township has been given the go-ahead by the county’s chief deputy engineer to order chip and seal material for this year’s program.

Fiscal Officer Bob Chapman said Bob Durbin told him a 6M slag from Mingo Junction in Jefferson County met the criteria for application on roads.

The material is tested to ensure it will “attract” or adhere to the asphalt emulsion used. The slag used in last year’s program did not properly adhere to the emulsion in some cases, causing it to erode away.

Durbin told East Palestine officials earlier this month the material that was not adhering properly came from a company in Sharon, Pa. At that time he cautioned material should not be ordered for this year’s program until it has been tested and meets the necessary criteria.

The village and Middleton Township were two of a few other municipalities in the county that experienced the problem.

Chapman said Durbin gave him the go-ahead to purchase the material the township needs for their local program, which should begin sometime around Memorial Day.

The township ordered 1,900 tons for a cost of $40,000, which includes its hauling by D&V Trucking of Columbiana. The material will arrive in the township next week.

Trustees were considering whether to purchase the slag or limestone this year. Limestone is heavier and more expensive and used mostly in the southern portion of the county.

Roads approved for chip and sealing this year are Echo Dell, Carmel Achor, Union Ridge, Scotts Mill, Dyke and Yeager.

The county will also perform line striping on just under six miles of roadway this year, for a cost to the township of around $2,900. Roads to be line striped are Darlington Road, Fredericktown Clarkson Road, from state Route 170 to Pancake Clarkson Road, and Carmel Achor from Union Ridge Road to Vale Road.

Meanwhile, trustees are hoping to eventually have guardrails installed on Carmel Achor Road, although grant funding for that will likely not be available this year, Chapman said.

The township had attempted to get grant funding prior to Hurricane Katrina, but funding was sent to Louisiana to help the state recover from the disaster, he added.

Trustees are continuing to correct problem areas on Echo Dell Road, which remains closed for the time being.