Road rage standoff reported

COLUMBIANA – An apparent road rage incident turned into a brief weapon standoff between two men Tuesday. No charges were filed.

According to the Columbiana police report, police were called to the intersection of state Routes 7 and 14 just before noon after someone reported seeing a man with a gun and a man with a board facing each other.

On the way to the scene officer Richard Whitfield was told by dispatch that one of the men was at the police station wishing to make a report.

The man, identified as Kenneth Williams, told Whitfield that while on his way to take his wife to a doctor’s appointment outside the city the driver of the other car cut him off and then threatened him with a gun, saying “I’ll kill you!”

He later told officer Michael Manis that the whole incident started on state Route 11 and the driver of the other vehicle would not let him pass and was driving very slowly so he later passed in an unauthorized passing zone on state Route 46.

Williams said the man, later identified as Frank Daley, then jumped out of his vehicle where state Route 46 intersects with state Route 14 and began yelling at him. Williams said when the man pulled out what looked like a gun holster he reached into his vehicle and pulled out a baseball bat, at which point they exchanged words and then went their separate ways.

Daley also reported the incident to police, and said that he was a passenger in a car driven by Patricia Tomich, and they were southbound on state Route 11 approaching state Route 46 and passing a car in the left lane when they noticed a red sedan “very close” to their vehicle and the driver gave them the middle finger and then continued on.

Once they got off the state Route 46 exit they saw the sedan again waiting behind the stop sign and the driver began to get out of his car, so to avoid a confrontation Tomich drove around the right side of the sedan and then through a stop sign and south onto state Route 46, but the car caught up to them eventually and passed them again and stopped again in the straight/right turn lane at the state Route 46 and 14 intersection, they said.

Daley said when the man got out of his vehicle again he also got out of his vehicle, at which point the man took out a baseball bat, so he he drew out his concealed carry pistol at that point and ordered the man to drop the bat, which he did. Daley also said they exchanged words and the man continued south onto Main Street.

Daley told police he did not wish to pursue criminal charges, according to the report.