Trustees seek lot survey at Franklin Square cemetery

FRANKLIN SQUARE – Salem Township trustees said they want a survey of the Franklin Square cemetery for new lots.

Trustee Chairman Bill Heston said Wednesday the county will do the surveying at no cost to the township and trustees approved a resolution to have the work done with a 3-0 vote.

Heston said markers (about 100) for the corners will cost $500 and suggested possibly making them in house.

In other business, Fiscal Officer Cathy Wilms said the county engineer’s office sent line-stripping request forms to township, and the Columbiana County Township Association steering committee will meet at 7 p.m. April 16 in Lisbon.

Also, the Harvest Sand company sent an updated price sheet to the township which was forwarded to Road Supervisor Jason Entrikin.

In Road department business, Entrikin advised the board that the old John Deere needed a new starter and he priced a water pump for it at $488.

He was surprised at the cost.

“It kind of shocked me,” he said, adding he was considering a rebuild kit and Trustee John Wilms wondered about the cost of one of those. Entrikin said even at half the cost it was a better deal.

Entrikin also noted the belt on the sweeper belt broke and the refurbished trailer work is done.

Trustees briefly discussed mowing the ball field that is mowed by the baseball league that uses it by agreement from April 1 through July 31.

The league mowed it last year. A contract company mows other parts of the township and is paid “per mowing” on the ballfield in the off season.

Trustee Ray Heddleson said he received a call from Salem Service-Safety Director Ken Kenst regarding regarding chip and sealing.

Heddleson said he referred him to the county engineer’s office about what stone to use.

Entrikin noted that Butcher Road behind the Walmart store needed to be paved where it splits into the city.

In other business, Cathy Wilms said the township received a letter from Time-Warner Cable regarding a merger with another company and the Leetonia Fire Department submitted its first quarter fire report.