Village: Little action from Mahoning on road

WASHINGTONVILLE – Two road issues were discussed on Monday as Councilman Herman Frank said he’s received inquiries from residents wanting to know why Washingtonville Road isn’t on some kind of paving list.

The road enters the village from the north and is the responsibility of Mahoning County, Frank said, noting southern Mahoning County is something of a stepchild to county officials.

He said there is sporadic patching on the road between the village and state Route 165.

“I’ve been on the phone with the county engineer,” Frank said adding the road is not on the list to patch.

“At least throw some cold path on it,” he said and Councilman Al Vignon wondered if it is a county or township (Green) road.

He said he would speak to Green Township Trustee Chairman Dave Slagle about it adding it needed a “real good” chip and seal treatment.

Frank said, “I know it’s not our problem per se. I called the county engineer but I pretty much got the kiss-off.”

No action was taken and Street Supervisor Ed Garrett advised council that the road sensors on the new traffic light at the state Route 14 and South County Road intersection “were not very sensitive.”

Garrett said, “I watched two guys on motorcycles sit at the light for 10 minutes and was plowing snow (once) and couldn’t get it to change.”

Frank said the sensitivity can be adjusted.

The light was tested and the Ohio Department of Transportation said once the signals were operational there was a three-day flash period and a 10-day performance period to ensure their functioning properly and allow motorists time to adjust to them.

After finalizing the project it said everything would be turned over to the village.

The project was recently completed after being discussed for over a decade.

A traffic study put the average daily traffic (ADT) count at 10,850 vehicles through the intersection before the $1.1 million upgrade was built.

Garrett said it is the senors on South County Road which travels north and south. He said the east-west sensors on state Route 14 are OK.

Council President Ramona Custer said, “Maybe we can get a hold of ODOT. I know I’ve sat there and it’s taken a while too.”

In other business, council approved the purchase of three tons of gravel and three tons of cold patch in separate resolutions.

Also, Councilman Jim Smith wondered about the status of the park’s grant and Custer said they will have to speak with Quicksall Engineering regarding that.

“I’m sure it’s in the process but I don’t know anything about it’s status,” she said,