Columbiana cops expect to file vandalism charges

COLUMBIANA – City police are expecting to file vandalism charges on at least one juvenile and possibly more for graffiti found around town.

Police Chief Tim Gladis said graffiti recently found on a door at the Columbiana Boiler appears to be done by the same person responsible for vandalism at Firestone Park.

The park graffiti was in the Funland section and included inappropriate matter, such as male genitalia. At Columbiana Boiler the graffiti depicted a person with an “X” over their body, and tags such as “SPAZ” and “WHERE ARE YOU ZERO” were painted along the nearby walls of the building.

According to the police report, Columbiana Boiler Manager Chuck Gorby noticed some graffiti about a week ago but did not report it then. At that time the only vandalism on the building was the person, drawn in black with what appeared to be a magic marker.

Then on Thursday, around 3:30 p.m., employees noticed more graffiti, which included the “X” over the person, and the tags, both done with blue spray paint. On other parts of the building they also found a blue line crossing out black signatures that had already been on the building, more “Xs” over other signatures, and “SPAZ” marked in blue again.

Officer Tyler Thaxton said in the report he and Detective Wade Boley believed the “Where are you zero” tag was meant for a person already under investigation for vandalism.

Police Chief Tim Gladis said that person is a juvenile male and no charges have been filed yet.

Gorby told police he noticed two young men walking near the building about a week ago, according to the report.

The graffiti matches graffiti found in the park, which has since been removed, and Gladis believes it is the same person, although another person could be involved.

The person suspected appears to be using the magic marker or laundry pen, while the spray paint from “zero” is a much higher quality, he added.

“These kids fancy themselves as taggers,” he said.

Tags are generally the signature of the graffiti artist, which in this case would be spaz and zero.

Columbiana is not the only department looking for these types of vandals.

The Salem Township Police Department is still looking for the person or people responsible for marking an anarchist symbol on a historical marker at the Teegarden Centennial Bridge.

Additional markings were reported by two other people Friday.

According to those reports, Bradley Heim of Conkle Road, Salem, reported an anarchist symbol was spray painted in the middle of Conkle Road south of Salem Grange Road, and William Snyder, Gromley Road, Salem, reported someone spray painted an anarchist symbol on his barn, over the American Flag that had already been painted on the barn.