Lisbon high school evacuated, searched for latest bomb threat

LISBON – For the second time in as many weeks a Lisbon school was evacuated because of a suspected bomb threat.

Unlike the April 25 bomb scare, which occurred at McKinley Elementary School, Friday’s bomb threat was at the junior/senior high school, where a hand-written message was found scrawled on a restroom stall.

And just like the other incident, no bomb was found by village police officers or firefighters who searched the school.

Both bomb threats involved a hand-written message found in a restroom. The one at the elementary school stated “one o’clock boom,” but officials declined to give out specifics about Friday’s incident, other than to say the message was interpreted as a possible bomb threat.

The school’s emergency response plan was activated at 11:20 a.m., and students were evacuated. After police and firefighters concluded their search, students were brought back and classes resumed.

Since the incident at McKinley Elementary occurred in the afternoon, students were released to their parents because school was nearly over by the time the search concluded.

Because Lisbon’s high school prom was last night, many of the students left early to prepare for the evening’s festivities and were gone by the time the bomb threat was discovered. “If there wasn’t enough chaos, they just added more,” said school Superintendent Don Thompson of whomever was responsible.

Prom activities continued as scheduled, including the parade of fashions.

The investigation is continuing into the April 25 bomb threat, and Thompson is asking for the community to assist by providing any information they might have about the incidents. He also wants parents to speak to their children to prevent future incidents of this sort.

Thompson said this a serious matter, and it will be treated as such when they catch the culprits. “Charges will be filed, and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law,” he said.