Speaker urges KSU graduates to learn their meaning in life

SALEM- Graduates at Kent State University Salem’s commencement ceremony Friday night learned the importance of learning one’s meaning in life.

Noor Din, CEO of Human Endeavour in Vaughn, Ontario, spoke to the graduates about building a purposeful life.

Switching from a successful engineering career, Din began Human Endeavour in 2004 with the vision to improve the socio-economic and living conditions of the community by executing non-traditional and innovative methods at the grass root level. He told the graduates that it can take a while to find one’s purpose, but that they have a head start.

“It can take years to get to the point where one will know the purpose of his or her life,” he said. “It took me two decades to find the true passion of my life but it wasn’t anything that was fully planned or calculated…

“What took me 20-plus years to find, you have it within your reach today, but you need to blend it with a strong commitment, purpose and rise above your personal challenges.”

Din encouraged the graduates to overcome their challenges, but to also learn from them, as well.

“While pursuing your purpose, you will face many challenges; they are necessary to make you strong and achieve success,” he said.

He offered the example of an airplane that takes off against the wind direction.

“It helps lift the plane up and decreases the length required to take off,” he explained. “So go against the wind, you will rise quickly, give up the herd mentality and set your own course that is unique.

“I predict that extra ordinary things will start from Kent State that will have a lasting positive impact provided that you commit to a purpose, persevere and rise above yourself.”

Of an approximate 350 graduates, 96 participated in the commencement ceremony at the Kent State Community Center. Student speakers included Chelsea Minnich and Stacy Richardson.