Trustees says pipeline crews tear up roads

FRANKLIN SQUARE – Salem Township trustees are upset with pipeline installers tearing up their roads.

Trustee John Wilms said Wednesday, “They’ve done a lot of damage.”

Wilms asked Road Supervisor Jason Entrikin to check the road use maintenance agreements (RUMAs) on file and find out who the responsible party is.

He added the pipeline companies were a lot different than the “well-drillers” regarding township roads.

“It’s time to do something,” Wilms said, noting there are problems with a number of township roads from heavy equipment the pipeline installers are using on them.

In other business, Constable Dan Valentine said seasonal scammers are hitting the area and warned residents about so-called home repair people going door-to-door for driveway and roof work.

He noted one group saying it was from Texas.

“They get on the roof, tap the hammer around and come down saying it needs extra thousands dollars of work,” Valentine explained.

“We have a few people that have called,” he said.

He also noted that breaking and enterings are picking up and was working with the Columbiana County sheriff’s office regarding a few “people of interest.”

Trustee Ray Heddleson said he knew of one residence set back quite a ways from the road where the people walked up the long drive to solicit work.

“They didn’t have a vehicle,” he said and they pulled out a paper and showed it from a distance saying it was a permit of some kind.

Valentine said residents can call him.

Also, Entrikin said vandals are painting stop signs again and Valentine said, “Everything that happens in June and July is happening now.”

Entrikin said they were painting them all over the township.

In other business, trustees took action on a resolution to exclude approval of Salem for an alternative apportionment of the Local Government Fund money that will be distributed in 2015.

Fiscal Officer Cathy Wilms said it was the first of two resolutions they will have to take action on. The resolution was approved with a unanimous 3-0 vote.

In correspondence, Wilms noted receiving letters from the state auditor about the 2012-13 audit; and from the county prosecutor advising that loan information on buildings and equipment will no longer be available from that office. Townships will have to acquire private counsel.

Trustees also voted to approve participation in the Ohio Department of Transportation drug-alcohol testing pool and approved the summer chip-seal hauling by Stryffler Farms LLC.

Wilms said Stryffler had proof of insurance and all the appropriate paperwork that is needed.

Trustees also approved accepting the resignation of Erik Saksa from the road department. His is last day will be June 6 and he will take a job with ODOT.