Voters will decide fate of police renewal levy

GREENFORD – Green Township voters will see a 3.9 mill renewal levy for maintaining the police department for a continuing period on the May 6 ballot.

The Goshen Township Police Department has provided district police coverage for Green Township since December of 2004, according to Township Trustee Chairman Dave Slagle. He said the levy is a renewal that brings in $270,000 annually and will not increase taxes to residents.

Goshen Township police provide daily patrolling for nearly 21 miles of township roads along with a number of county roads and five state routes that run through the township. The department provides 24/7 coverage and also offers senior “watch” and senior “call” programs.

Residents can register for the programs by filling out an application form. Call 330-332-1235 for more information.

Slagle said the 3.9 mill levey replaced a 2.1 mill levy in 2009 which replaced a 1.8 mill levey before that. The current levy, if renewed, will

begin collection in 2015 and Slagle emphasized it is a renewal and will not increase taxes.

“I’m thankful we can hold the cost down this time and not cost the residents anymore money,” he said. “The service is pretty well appreciated especially with so much crime going up and they’re catching so much of it. I don’t know too many they haven’t caught.

“Residents like the crime being curtailed and the speeding. Before the police we had motorists clocked at 80 miles an hours on Lisbon-Canfield Road. It’s a straight shot north of Greenford and the fatalities are way down. We don’t have near the (number) of fatalities.”