Washingtonville police eye auxiliary program

WASHINGTONVILLE – Police Chief Ken Faust and Mayor Will Jones have been discussing a cadet or auxiliary program for the police department.

Faust told council on Monday it is aimed at people 18 and up who are interested and includes a ride-along program.

The candidates will not carry a gun, he said.

“I think it will be a good idea, they could ride along,” he said and they could carry radios and patrol the bike trail.

“They will only be working when an officer is on duty,” Faust said.

“I’ll come up with a policy.”

Fiscal Officer Dale Davis said the first thing to check is if the village’s insurance policy will allow for it and suggested having candidates sign a waiver.

Jones said, “There are more wrinkles we still have to work out” and Councilman Herman Frank said that as long as the insurance and liability issues were in order, “I think it’s a great idea.”

Faust also said he was working on a new monthly reporting form that will break down department activity.

“It will give you an idea of what we’re doing,” Faust told village council, adding it will be in a different format.

Last month the department issued 97 traffic warnings, nearly double the number of traffic citations, he said noting that some people say the village is a speed trap.

“We give out a lot more warnings,” he said adding that some think they pull motorists over for headlight violations to find other things.

“We don’t do that,” he said and Jones said a lot of people get pulled over and police will find other things.

By law you have to have two headlights and a license plate light, Faust said.

In other police business, Faust requested council’s approval to place Edwin G. Manner of Canfield on the department’s reserve roster effective June 1.

Faust said Manner is fresh out of the police academy.

The department has 12 personnel and room for three more, Faust said explaining that “the way we work, sometimes it’s hard to fill a shift.”

In other business, Street Department Foreman Ed Garrett said they hauled in some cold patch, mowed the park and he asked about a tree that appeared to be falling onto a road.

Jones said if it is not the village property, “We can’t do anything about it.”

Jones also said notices are being sent out to owners of unkempt properties as the village cleanup continues; and he advised council the grant for the park is moving along.

He said there is a question of bidding it out.

“We are going to proceed with the park,” he said explaining, “we have to do the things we originally put in for.”

Council met in executive session for personnel for 50 minutes with no action taken.