Cruise off to roaring start

SALEM – The 2014 Salem Super Cruise was launched with the thunderous roar as Mayor John Berlin gave the command for cruisers to “Start Your Engines” at 7 p.m. Thursday from the Pershing Street lot.

Street rods, hot rods, show cars and motorcycles, all at once, revved up for about 30 seconds for the start.

A couple of notes for the cruise, Service Safety Director Ken Kenst said they can still use volunteers for the early morning cleanups on Saturday and Sunday and anyone who would like to help can let organizers at the municipal lot on Pershing Street know or just show up downtown at 7 a.m.

At the close of the event on Friday and Saturday night Allied Waste Services will empty the 75 large containers beginning at midnight and at 5 a.m. the Service Department will handle the smaller receptacles along the sidewalks.

A final cleanup crew, which can use more volunteers, will make a sweep of the downtown area at 7 a.m.

Also, Gene Johnson, who heads the Arby’s Cruisin’ Crew that organizes the parking for the Super Cruise, said that “due to all the rain, we cannot use Dr. Shivers’ field for shuttle pick up.”

Johnson said, “We will put up a sign at the field area do not park.”

He said the shuttle will pick people up at B&H Tire on the corner of Dodge Drive, and the Church of Christ on Georgetown Road.

“We have run for about 100 cars between the two locations, buses will come by both locations and signs will be in place.”