Elkton Auto Corral owners donate pickup to Lisbon

LISBON – Everyone is apparently happy with how the Elkton Auto Corral situation was resolved.

After going around and around with the village for months, council reached a compromise with Elkton Auto Corral owners Jay and Susan Mullen, resulting in municipal sewer service being restored to the used-car dealership two weeks ago.

The Mullens have reciprocated by donating a 1992 S-10 pickup to he village Board of Public Affairs.

“It’s just our way of saying thanks,” Mr. Mullen said.

BPA member Bill Hoover said he went to the dealership looking for a vehicle to replace the old police car used by the water and sewer department after the vehicle’s transmission went out.

“The board likes to spend money locally when it can, so I came down here to see if they had anything and they said they did,” he said, adding they were prepared to purchase a used vehicle when Mullen offered to donate the truck.

Mullen said they had just acquired the S-10 and offered to donate it to the village as an expression of gratitude for the village’s willingness to compromise with them on the sewer line problem.