LCPL OKs policy

LEETONIA- The Leetonia Community Public Library now has a use of facility policy addressing the field on the north lawn area.

The library board recently approved the policy that puts in writing what is expected from groups using the field, according to Director Lisa Rohrbaugh.

“We needed something formal on paper, which had never been done before (now),” she said.

The policy permits use of the field by non-profit and community groups and requires proof of general liability and personal injury insurance. An application form to schedule use must be submitted three days prior to the event.

Mostly used by the Leetonia Area Sports Association for soccer, the lawn had been in use since before construction began on the library in 2008, a notable selling point for the passage of a bond issue to construct the facility. LASA funded the construction of the field in 2009.

Rohrbaugh said the library board formed a committee to develop the policy earlier this year, then presented it to the whole board to discuss the past two months. The final policy was then presented to a community committee that included representatives from LASA and the Leetonia school board, which also approved it.

“We’re happy to have LASA play soccer (on the field)…but (scheduling) had been word of mouth between a couple people,” Rohrbaugh said. “This way people know what is expected.”

The library also approved two other policies- one regarding history collections and the other meeting room hours.

The history collection policy allows for better archiving and easier access of materials, some of which, such as microfilm from defunct newspapers, cannot be replaced. The other restricts non-profit use of the meeting room on Sundays when the library is not open, a cost maneuver to save money on utilities, Rohrbaugh said.