Magistrate rejects bid for protection order

LISBON – A request for a stalking protection order in the Moore Road controversy has been denied.

Dave McCoy, of Bell School Road, St. Clair Township, applied for a protection order late last week against Charles Bramel, Moore Road, also in St. Clair Township. The request for an immediate protection order was denied by Columbiana County Common Pleas Court Magistrate J. Bradley Allison, who scheduled a full hearing on the matter for June 24.

McCoy, in his protection order request, said that on April 27 Bramel assaulted him with his horse. On May 29, he alleged that Bramel and his wife threatened to shoot his dog while riding their horses on the edge of his property and continued to taunt his dogs.

Finally, on June 9, McCoy said the Bramels rode three miles around to display their firearms and pepper spray “to scare myself and my family.” McCoy said he filed police reports each time.

Allison, in his ruling, said he was denying the request for an immediate protection order due to insufficient evidence and because there was “no pattern of impermissible conduct” on the part of Bramel.

The requested order stems from the dispute over a section of Moore Road, which ends and turns into a path that continues through McCoy’s farm fields before joining with his driveway.

Bramel and his wife use the path when riding their horses to get to Bell School Road and then Ware Road to access the bridle trails at nearby Beaver Creek State Park. This has created friction with the people who own the property along the path, including McCoy.

The dispute was brought before the township trustees, who in March determined the path section had been deeded to the township in 1937 for road purposes but was never officially opened and developed as part of Moore Road. This prompted the property owners on both sides of the contested path to file a petition with Columbiana County commissioners requesting the path section officially be closed.

A hearing on the closing request, which is opposed by the Bramels, was held last week, and commissioners are expected to make a decision at their June 25 meeting.