Meth labs in Lisbon

LISBON – A suspected meth lab has been discovered in the village for the second time in less than three months.

Unlike the other meth lab, which was located in a house down from the middle/high school on West Pine Street, this one was at 238 E. Lincoln Way, the village’s main east-west thoroughfare, and across the street from the VFW Post.

The lab was discovered after the police department was advised of a domestic dispute at the apartment. Angel Lake flagged down a police officer at 10:19 p.m. Monday to report she and her boyfriend, William R. Beesler Jr., had been arguing when he allegedly threatened to slit her throat after she went to sleep.

Beesler, 33, was charged with aggravated menacing. In the course of the investigation police learned a meth lab had been set up in the vacant apartment at the rear of the building. Police contacted the landlord, Wilbur Craft, who gave them permission to search the apartment.

Chief Mike Abraham said his officers found hazardous chemicals commonly used to manufacture methamphetamines or meth, along with tube, hoses and bottles. “You could tell he had been cooking” meth there, Abraham said of Beesler.

The Columbiana County Drug Task Force was called to safely remove the chemicals, containers and other items from the apartment.

Abraham said they declined to charge Beesler outright in connection with operating the suspected meth lab and will instead seek to have him indicted through the county grand jury.

He said Beesler has a prior criminal record and is currently out on bond while awaiting trial in Ashtabula County for breaking and entering, possessing criminal tools, and criminal damaging. Beesler was also on probation out of county municipal court for passing bad checks and is the suspect in a recent theft in Lisbon.

This is the second meth lab discovered in the village since March, and Abraham said there have also been four other drug arrests during that time.

“We’re aware of it and making progress,” he said of the drug problem.