Parkside evacuated

Columbiana Firefighters, EMS and police responded to a fire alarm at Parkside Nursing home shortly after 5:30 p.m. Saturday. Sixteen patients were evacuated from the east wing to the west side of the nursing home. According to Fire Chief Rick Garrity a bearing in the blower of the HVAC unit malfunctioned filling the nurses station and wing with a smokey haze. There was no actual fire from the problem. Chief Garrity commended the nursing home personnel on their efficient evacuation of patients and execution of all procedures such as closing doors and sealing off the wing. Fifteen Columbiana firefighters were backed up by Leetonia EMS personnel and Beaver Township EMS and fire personnel if further evacuation procedures needed to be instituted. After the fire department did a thorough check of the wing nursing home maintenance personnel arrived to take care of the HVAC unit. (Salem News photo by Patti Schaeffer)