Street widening planned

LEETONIA – Village Council Wednesday night approved moving forward with engineering to widen Home Street to accommodate trucks traveling to and from a business on the road.

Council agreed to seek engineering for the estimated $48,617 project that will widen the turning radius at Columbia Street and extend concrete curbing along Home Street to combat road deterioration from trucks using the intersection to access the Mitsubishi plant at the end of roadway. Village Administrator Gary Phillips said he is discussing possible financial assistance with the Columbiana County Port Authority which owns the building. There will likely be possible additional costs associated with adjusting utility poles at intersection, he noted.

The project was estimated at $60,000 a few years ago, Phillips said.

According to Phillips, larger trucks are traveling in and out of the plant and are having trouble making the turn onto Columbia Street, which will be adjusted on the south side of the roadway to accommodate the turning radius. Currently the trucks are tearing up the curb and curb lawns, as well as damaging catch basins, he said.

Since the company has indicated larger loads are imminent, Phillips said he fears the company may have to leave the village if the issue is not addressed.

“This is something that needs to be done,” Phillips said.

Councilman Mark Gardner asked why the village cannot lay the concrete itself, to which Phillips replied that the work will be on the state’s right of way, so there are specific guidelines that have to be followed that prevent the village from doing the work.

Phillips said the work would start in July ideally and take about a week to complete. He said the company has expressed willingness to cooperate by adjusting its shipment schedule to ease traffic during the project.

Ultimately the goal is to expand the Home Street past Cherry Fork Avenue in the future, Phillips said.