Three generations united by Cruise

SALEM – There is something that always brings a family together. For the Fields family, cars bring them together.

C.W. Fields of Salem, his son Clay and grandson Hunter look forward to another year of the Steel Valley Super Nationals, and got it started with the Salem Super Cruise on Thursday.

“I’m very excited this weekend,” Hunter said. “I plan to go down racing tomorrow, and then come back out cruising some more, and showing off our cars.”

The three displayed their vehicles across from the former Timberlanes, one of two locations for the car show. The other is at the Arby’s along East State Street.

Hunter had such an enjoyable time at last year’s Super Cruise and Super Nationals, the 15-year-old from Harrisburg, Ill., got to return with his father for the weekend.

“It definitely means a lot,” Hunter said. “It’s great to be able to carry on the tradition, and be able to work on these cars.”

Hunter acknowledged that both his father and grandfather got him interested in cars, and has already participated in car shows as he displays his 1970 Chevrolet Impala.

“My father got me into it,” Hunter said. “I’ve already been in a couple shows over near where I live.”

Clay, meanwhile, is excited to return to his hometown for the cruising and racing, and also to help his son as he learns to drive.

“He’s got his permit right now,” Clay said. “I’m with him as he’s learning to drive and helping with his car. It keeps him busy, keeps him out of trouble.”

Clay and Hunter also look forward to do a little racing this weekend at the park with Clay’s 1972 Chevrolet Nova.

“We’ll be using my vehicle for the racing,” Clay said.

C.W., meanwhile, returns for his fifth trip to the Super Cruise. He’s always had a love of cars, but other events in his life put the cruising on hold.

“I cruised back in the sixties,” C.W. said. “Then I got drafted, and then I got married and I didn’t really get into it until about five years ago. When you’re raising a family, you can’t spend the money. Now they’re all raised, and now it’s my turn to play.”

C.W.’s vehicle of choice was a 1932 Ford, which despite tough times, he managed to keep it in its original shape since 1955.

“I bought in 1955 when I was 14 years old,” C.W. said. “After my mother and father divorced, many years we were down on our luck, but we never gave this up.”

Perhaps the most exciting part of the event for C.W. is that he gets to spend time with his son and grandson, especially as they move to Ohio.

“I’m excited especially this year,” C.W. said. “My grandson and son are moving back in August. He’s 15 now, and all those 15 years I couldn’t hug him. I’m making up for it. My son’s into cars, my grandson’s into cars and it’s great.”

All three look forward to the weekend as the Steel Valley Super Nationals start at 9 a.m. today at the Quaker City Motorsports Park and run through Sunday.