2012, 2013 audits for Washingtonville clean

WASHINGTONVILLE – An audit of the village’s finances from for the years ended in December 2013 and 2012 disclosed no instances of noncompliance or other matters, according to the Charles E. Harris and Associates auditing firm.

The report was distributed to council members before Monday’s regular meeting by Fiscal Officer Dale Davis.

The “independent” company completed the audit on behalf of Dave Yost, Ohio auditor, which accepted the report while noting it was unable to express an opinion because of that.

Charles Harris and Associates said, in its opinion, the financial statements referred to in the audit “present fairly, in all material respects, the combined cash balances of the Village of Washingtonville … as of December 31, 2013 and 2012 …”

Davis said he was “happy” with the report that was issued on June 23.

In other business, Mayor Will Jones took exception to comments made during last week’s Green Township meeting where the Washingtonville Police Department was criticized for needing help from another police department.

Green Township has discussed a new police protection contract and is expected to open bids and proposals next month.

Goshen Township police currently covers the township and there had been talk that the Washingtonville Police Department was going to bid on providing police coverage since a large part of the village is in Green Township, but more of it in Salem Township.

Jones said what upset him was the fact the village had not even submitted a bid to Green Township. He said the criticism was that Washingtonville had to obtain help due to a lack of staffing.

“That is not an issue,” Jones said, noting a number of village officers carry dual commissions as peace officers in other departments.

“Our officers are more than capable enough to handle anything called to their attention … I have complete confidence in our department and they help other departments.

“Our police department helps out other departments and are more that equipped to handle anything that comes up. They are capable of handling anything,” Jones said.

In other business, Street Department Supervisor Ed Garrett said he had ordered new street signs along with a couple of “Children at Play” signs but had not had the opportunity to look into warning signs near the end of the bike trail.

At the last meeting the bike trail sign issue was discussed and council thought the Columbiana County Park District should be advised about signs on the Greenway Bike Trail first.

Also Jones said there was a Sept. 1 deadline for grant submissions for money to finish upgrading the village park. Council President Ramona Custer said she would call to “see where we go from here.”

Street Committee Chairman Al Vignon said 80 tons of gravel was ordered to the chip and seal program and 74 was used; and the sinkhole is awaiting an emergency grant while the culvert on Boston Street was still a project in the works.

Davis said that work may not require a bid.