Cause of New Waterford fish kill remains mystery

NEW WATERFORD – Ohio Environmental Agency and Ohio Division of Wildlife officials will monitor the stream where 51 carp were found dead last Friday.

Village Administrator Fred Fink said Tuesday the fish, all carp, were observed on July 18 and filled the village’s bucketloader.

Jarod Roof, a law enforcement supervisor for the Division of Wildlife, District 3, said the case is pending but there are no suspects or known cause.

“We didn’t find a source and the EPA referred it to their surface water department,” Roof said, adding he thought it was specific to carp.

The EPA ran dissolved oxygen tests on the water, which was listed in the report as a ditch in the Little Beaver Creek watershed, and did not find any obvious pollutants like manure or oil, Roof said.

“Everything tested normal,” he said, noting all the fish were between 24- and 27-inches long.

The fish kill was reported to the EPA and Division of Wildlife on July 18.

“It seems kind of odd it would be all carp,” he said. “It makes me think it was something specific to carp.”

He added, “We’ll monitor the situation and see if any other fish die off.”