Deputies break up keg party

LISBON – The Columbiana County sheriff’s office broke up an Amish keg party in a wooded area off Myers Road Saturday night.

According to sheriff’s reports, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office had contacted the department in this county at 10:17 p.m. about the party, which was reportedly in West Township. Deputies arrived and saw two Amish wagons parked over a hill and two people attempting to hide horses in the woods.

Deputies could also hear music coming from the woods and began walking toward the source. They met several people walking out toward the road and learned there were at least 80 people in the woods.

A generator was found hooked up to lights and two 12-volt batteries were hooked up to a car radio and an amplifier.

Several people ran away into the woods, but at least 50 to 60 people listened to directions of some of the people within the group of Amish and stayed. Deputies helped escort them out of the woods to the road, which was about a mile away. Some were driven out by sober drivers with trucks.

Rides were arranged for those too intoxicated to drive, including someone calling some of the taxis, people who normally drive people from the Amish community around.

The party included those from Amish communities from several counties – Ashtabula, Carroll, Guernsey, Jefferson and Geauga County. A large group was reportedly from Middlefield in Geauga County.

No charges were filed.