New Waterford trustees discuss service lines

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP – During Thursday’s trustee meeting, Road Supervisor Mel Miller said Columbia Gas wanted to continue service lines on Beeson Mill Road to two properties.

The company needed access to the township right-of-way.

The work order is for 190 feet and is just north of state Route 344.

“It’s a service line to properties,” Miller said and trustees voted unanimously to allow Columbia Gas to work in the right-of-way.

Township fire fighting equipment was also serviced, Miller said explaining the equipment is serviced every six years and completely overhauled every 12 years by Warren Fire Equipment.

He also said the sheriff reported a tree down on Metz Road that was removed by the department.

Trustee Chairman Bob Hum asked Miller how the fish were holding up in the township-owned Old School Lake behind the government building. Last August, Miller also expressed concern about the cattails and algae in the lake and Hum suggested placing some algae eaters in it. Hum suggested putting amurs in the lake noting they grow to about four feet in a couple of years and will take care of the algae and eat the cattails.

Trustees approved a $250 purchase of eight amurs in September for algae control. Old School Lake is used by fire departments as an emergency water source.

Miller said he wasn’t sure how they were doing and Hum noted there were a lot of green on the back by the cattails. Miller said he would look into it.

Hum also noted a residence on Camelot Drive that has high weeds and looked up the case number and spoke to the attorney. He said Zoning Officer Kymberly Seabolt sent letters out and “it worked once before.”

Trustees will meet in regular session on at 7 p.m., July 17 in the government center at 3062 Fairfield School Road.