Panel clears indoor shooting ranges

The Rules & Ordinances Committee Tuesday night approved a conditional use clause to ordinances permitting indoor shooting ranges in residential zones.

Council last month approved both commercial and private residential indoor shooting ranges in the city, as long as owners follow the stringent guidelines outlined in the ordinances. Tuesday’s action brought in line language in the ordinances for the residential R-1, R-1A and R-2 and 3 zones.

Committee Chair Cyndi Baronzzi Dickey voted no on all three motions, saying after the meeting that her constituents have made it clear they do not want indoor shooting ranges in residential zones.

The changes will be forwarded to Law Director Brooke Zellers to prepare for city council.

As it stands, anyone wishing to install an indoor shooting range must appear before the planning committee, and there will be a review and public hearings. Previously there had been no shooting allowed within city limits with minimal exceptions.

In other business Dickey asked the other committee members to review the city’s ordinances to determine if any outdated or longstanding ordinances need changed to make sure they are as efficient as possible.

“Are we doing the things we say we do,” she said.

Dickey said she hoped to have the ordinances cleaned up if needed prior to the departure of zoning inspector Pat Morrissey at the end of the year.

Committee member Rick Drummond questioned whether the Rules & Ordinance Committee would be imposing on other committees by examining all the ordinances and suggested that it might be best to let the new zoning inspector handle the ordinances that need changed.

Dickey responded that the committee can review the ordinances and make suggestions to other committees, adding that if the issue does not need action, the committee will move on.