State halts work on Salem Holiday Inn, cites construction violations

SALEM – The state issued two construction violations on the Holiday Inn Express building site, halting work, according to Matt Mullins, public information officer for the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Construction on the $4-million facility at the 1.3-acre site on Cunningham Road in Mahoning County began in March and has been suspended for a couple of weeks.

Mullins said the general contractor called for a state building inspector from the division of industrial compliance and labor.

DAV Construction from Mansfield is the general contractor.

The building code compliance inspection found the work on the foundation was different than what appeared on the building plans that were approved by the division.

Mullins didn’t have the details but the issue involves the size of the rebar being used.

Mullins said another issue centered on the a requirement to have a special inspector on the site for the contractor.

“But that person wasn’t qualified to perform that type of inspection,” Mullins said, noting the violation order was issued. He did not have the specifics on the effective date but said the contractor had re-submitted plans that have been approved.

“We turn these around very quickly,” he said, explaining that a violation notice stipulates what is needed.

The next step is “to call one of our inspectors back out and do the inspection. This seems like it’s pretty straightforward,” he said.

A call to Rod Herron, a co-owner of the facility along with the Bridgeville, Pa.-based Forza Group, was not answered.

It was back in May of 2012 when plans for the hotel on the east side of town were announced. Since the groundbreaking in March, company officials had expected a fall opening for the 70-room hotel.